Instructor:Baoquan Chen, Yunhai Wang
Office: Discipline building 146
Lecture time: Thur 10:00~12:00 Thur 13:30~15:20(after National Day)

Course summary and description

Visualization has been established as a powerful means to help data owners from almost every discipline to make sense and present their diverse data, in order to verify or falsify hypotheses and discover new knowledge. The logic of visualization is to take advantages of our interpretation capability via visual perception channel and to encode information of the data into images and plots to improve our understanding of the data. Techniques from computer science, mathematics, cognitive and perception science, and physics are often adapted for various visualization problems. This introductory course covers topics from a number of sub-fields of visualization including information visualization and scientific visualization, and aims to show students how data visualization can help find solutions to a wide range of practical data interpretation problems occurring in many areas. Through this course, the students are expected to get familiar with a number of important techniques and methods for addressing the visualization of different basic types of data, and foster the ability to determine the proper visualization techniques when given a practical problem. This course serves as one of the core introductory level graduate courses, and helps build a complete course catalog in visual computing direction with the existing courses on imaging and computer graphics.

Tentative Schedule

Date Lecture   Date Lecture
2016-09-08 Introduction to visualization   2016-11-10 Infovis Overview
2016-09-22 Visualization Pipeline & Data Type   2016-11-17 Multivariate data visualization
2016-09-29 VTK & Isosurface   2016-11-24 Hierarchies and Trees
  2016-12-01 Graph and Network
2016-10-13 Direct volumn rendering   2016-12-08 Text and Documents
  2016-12-15 Mapping and Cartography
2016-10-20 FlowVis in 2D(arrow and streamlines, texture)   2016-12-22 Presentation Assignment II
2016-10-27 FlowVis in 3D / TensorVis   2016-12-29 Final project presentation
2016-11-03 Presentation Assignment I   2016-01-05 Final project presentation