My Experiences in Learning English

2016-01-04 16:30:06

We read lots of English papers and books in our daily lives, but communicating in English still remains a problem. Why? Because only reading & writing in English is not enough. In order to offer more means to learn English, I would like to share some of my learning experience. Hope it could help.

As we all know. There are four ways to learning English—listening, speaking, reading & writing. To be a native speaker, I think listening & speaking should play a more important role than the other two.

  1. Listening: we could get lots of English media stuffs easily. Among those things, I prefer movies, TV series, speeches & songs. When we watch videos, we can try to ignore the subtitle and pay more attention to the facial expressions and intonation when the actors talk. It could help us remember the feel when talk in English. As for speeches, it’s a good way to imitate the great speakers which also helps us to speak in English. When we are free or try to relax, English songs would be a nice choice, they could build an English atmosphere and help us get used to this language.

Also we could listen to “English Radio”(app) in our spire time by which we can not only get the latest news but also learn the native accent.

  1. Speaking: we all have heard of Yang Li, a crazy man about English. He speaks English aloud in the street even if the passers look him as a mentally ill patient. I don’t recommend us to do that. But speaking in English as much as possible is the most efficient way to improve our English communication skills. Let’s say if watching videos is learning, then talking with foreigners is practicing. So, try to speak more English in our daily life.

  2. Reading & Writing: Actually I think we do those a lot when we read papers or books and write emails or papers. So just keep doing those will be fine. What needs more attention is the grammar, don’t overlook it.

All in all, try to think in English, write in English & speak in English. You learn English well, you process the key to open the whole world.

In the end, I would like to recommend some materials:


Pride and Prejudice (it’s an English movie, so they all have English accent)

Underworld (a little scary)

Tron (a tech movie, good imagination)

TV series:

Friends    Big Bang   Almost Human

Great Speakers:

Obama    Clinton    Hillary

Great novels:

Gone with the wind  The master key system      The Da Vinci Code

Great singers:

Taylor Swift       Justin Bieber

If you have further questions, we could talk and figure out a way to solve them.