Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media

Title: Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media Date:15:30 – 16:30 pm, Thursday, September 25, 2018. Title: Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media

Speaker:  Zhang Hui 
Date and Time: 15:30 – 16:30 pm,  Thursday, September 25, 2018.
Venue: N3-332 QingDao

Title: Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media
We present a visualization approach for the analysis of CO2 bubble formation in porous rock media. As a basis for this, we first extract CO2 bubbles and their surrounding porous structure from X-ray CT data. To understand how the structure of porous media influences the occurrence and the shape of formed bubbles, we automatically classify and relate them in terms of morphology and geometric features, and further directly support searching for promising porous structures. To allow for the meaningful direct visual comparison of bubbles and their structures, we propose a customized registration technique considering the bubble shape as well as its points of contact with the porous media surface. With our quantitative extraction of geometric bubble features, we further support the analysis as well as the creation of a physical model. Our approach was successfully used to answer several research questions in the domain, and discuss its high practical relevance to identify critical characteristics to store CO2.

Zhang Hui is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong. She joined Graphics Lab of HKU in 2015 and her supervisor is Professor Wenping Wang. Her research interests include 3D shape Modeling and synthesizing, visualization, deep learning in Graphics.