Qiong Zeng

Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Computer Science and Technology
Shandong University
Email: qiong dot zn AT gmail.com


Tips for E-mail Etiquette in Research Collaboration

I am Qiong Zeng, a fifth year PhD student. In the past four years, I wrote lots of e-mails, in Chinese or English, asking for codes or communicating with other researchers. E-mail plays a significant role in research collaboration, which connects you to the world and even the top-most researchers. I would like to share my e-mail writing experiences (English version) with you, especially in research collaboration.

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How to Prepare Slides in Research Communication

PowerPoint has occupied the public speaking area. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences in "How to prepare slides". Certainly the content in this article is not totally right and cannot cover all the cases forever. I hope it can help you in some aspects, and comments are always welcome.

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Talk about SIGGRAPH Cycle (in Chinese)

I summarize the main phases in a SIGGRAPH cycle, based on my own SIGGRAPH experiences in IRC. There are six main phases: project discussion, algorithm implementation, before deadline, after deadline, acceptance, conference. This article is in Chinese. The English version is not prepared. Hope I would find time and motivation to translate it. If you would like to read an English version, just feel free to contact me.

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