Fabricable Unobtrusive 3D-QR-Codes
with Directional Light

Computer Graphics Forum 2020 (Presented on SGP 2020)

Hao Penga    Peiqing Liua    Lin Lu*a    Andrei Sharfb    Lin Liua    Dani Lischinskic    Baoquan Chend   

aShandong University   bBen-Gurion University of the Negev   cHebrew University of Jerusalem   dPeking University  

Multiple views of bunny with unobtrusive 3D-QR-code under ambient light and picture of the model under directional light.



QR code is a 2D matrix barcode widely used for product tracking, identification, document management and general marketing. Recently, there have been various attempts to utilize QR codes in 3D manufacturing by carving QR codes on the surface of the printed 3D shape. Nevertheless, significant shape editing and modulation may be required to allow readability of the embedded 3D-QR-codes with good decoding accuracy. In this paper, we introduce a novel QR code 3D fabrication framework aimed at unobtrusive embedding of 3D-QR-codes in the shape hence introducing minimal shape modulation. Essentially, our method computes bi-directional carvings in the 3D shape surface to obtain the black-and-white QR pattern. By using a directional light source, the black-and-white QR pattern emerges as lighted and shadow casted blocks on the shape respectively. To account for minimal modulation and elusiveness, we optimize the QR code carving w.r.t. shape geometry, visual disparity and light source position. Our technique employs a simulation of lighting phenomena through carved modules on the shape to ensure adequate contrast of the printed 3D-QR-code.



More Results

3D-QR-codes printed on models with different geometries and light angles
and zoom-ins on the 3D-QR-code under the ambient and directional light environments.





We thank all the anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions. This work is supported by grants from NSFC, China (61972232) and State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, China (VRLAB2019A01).



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